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February 12th, 2017


Flash Appreciation Day

Posted by jadeile on 2017.02.12 at 00:49
Hey guys! It's been years since I last posted, but I just felt inspired this time around. So, it's Flash Appreciation Day again and I have pictures of my own celebration from the last few years and this one. I sadly don't have pictures of years 2010-2013 (2009 was posted here at the time), although I did actually celebrate each year faithfully by wearing my official FAD suit (that is, red t-shirt [until I made my own Flash one], red velvet trousers, red hoodie and yellow scarf thingy), baking something, and having my Flash plushies/figures showcased on the tea table. But I either didn't take picture then or I just didn't save them anywhere. But Years 2014-2017 I do have! So here goes : D

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Here's hoping that next year I'll remember to make a nice big post here, to keep the tradition alive outside of my own home. Oh, fun fact: my family doesn't really care about the Flash one way or another, but all of them remember Flash Appreciation Day because each year they get to eat yummy things because of it! XD

... also. I've noticed that in the last two years FAD has actually been gaining popularity among the fans and media. 2015 there was this petition to make it an actual holiday in the USA; it both amused me and kinda made me irrationally mad, cos this celebration had originally been my idea, in this very community, and I thought someone else was "stealing" it from me and making it bigger. But I didn't look further and let go of my anger pretty quickly, considering that it was silly to be angry about someone else getting the same idea and having it catch on better than I managed, and it was a very good thing for the idea to gain popularity, regardless of who was to thank for it.
2016 I didn't even look really.
But this year I looked at the post from 2016 and noticed that... OMG! They actually posted a link right here, to my post from 2010, as a credit to the idea! I read the posts from 2015 again AND SAW THE SAME THING! SO IT WAS ME ALL ALONG WHO THOUGHT THE IDEA AND INSPIRED THE OTHERS TO TAKE IT FURTHER! : D It's because of me that people celebrate the day now!
I'm almost crying here. I started something small and, although it took years, it took hold and turned into something awesome. Thank you everyone.

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