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Flash Appreciation Day

Posted by jadeile on 2017.02.12 at 00:49
Hey guys! It's been years since I last posted, but I just felt inspired this time around. So, it's Flash Appreciation Day again and I have pictures of my own celebration from the last few years and this one. I sadly don't have pictures of years 2010-2013 (2009 was posted here at the time), although I did actually celebrate each year faithfully by wearing my official FAD suit (that is, red t-shirt [until I made my own Flash one], red velvet trousers, red hoodie and yellow scarf thingy), baking something, and having my Flash plushies/figures showcased on the tea table. But I either didn't take picture then or I just didn't save them anywhere. But Years 2014-2017 I do have! So here goes : D

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Here's hoping that next year I'll remember to make a nice big post here, to keep the tradition alive outside of my own home. Oh, fun fact: my family doesn't really care about the Flash one way or another, but all of them remember Flash Appreciation Day because each year they get to eat yummy things because of it! XD

... also. I've noticed that in the last two years FAD has actually been gaining popularity among the fans and media. 2015 there was this petition to make it an actual holiday in the USA; it both amused me and kinda made me irrationally mad, cos this celebration had originally been my idea, in this very community, and I thought someone else was "stealing" it from me and making it bigger. But I didn't look further and let go of my anger pretty quickly, considering that it was silly to be angry about someone else getting the same idea and having it catch on better than I managed, and it was a very good thing for the idea to gain popularity, regardless of who was to thank for it.
2016 I didn't even look really.
But this year I looked at the post from 2016 and noticed that... OMG! They actually posted a link right here, to my post from 2010, as a credit to the idea! I read the posts from 2015 again AND SAW THE SAME THING! SO IT WAS ME ALL ALONG WHO THOUGHT THE IDEA AND INSPIRED THE OTHERS TO TAKE IT FURTHER! : D It's because of me that people celebrate the day now!
I'm almost crying here. I started something small and, although it took years, it took hold and turned into something awesome. Thank you everyone.

Walk the Walk by Zeraphie

Summary: Dealing with another death wasn't something that Bruce was ready to do. Instead, a clone was made in Wally's place, but whoever said the Fastest Man Alive was no longer with him?

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Title: Moving Heaven and Earth For You
Author: Lacey McBain
Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Wally West - established relationship
Disclaimer: Recognizable DC characters don’t belong to me. Obviously.

Author’s Note: Thanks to everyone for reading and supporting the BatFlash love! The entire Comrades in Arms series - can be found on AO3, and in Memories on LJ.

Chapter 8 - The Bigger Picture on AO3
Summary: In which Wally is the voice of reason, Luthor is a vile person, cracks are beginning to appear in the JLA, and there are monkeys.
Word Count: ~ 12,000 words
posted March 28, 2014

Chapter 9 - Mixed Signals on AO3
Summary: Wally has never been so grateful to see Dick Grayson in his entire life. Hooray for the cavalry.
Word Count: ~ 10,000 words
posted April 15, 2014

Chapter 10 - Good Day, Bad Night on AO3
Summary:Everyone deserves one good day once in a while—Bruce and Wally more than most people. But why does it always seem to be followed by something awful?
Word Count: ~ 29,500 words
posted May 6, 2014

Moving Heaven and Earth For You - full story so far on AO3 ~ 110,000 words

Feedback of all sorts, including concrit, is always welcome at Dreamwidth, Livejournal, Tumblr, AO3, or by email. Thanks for reading!

Greetings! (and a request)

Posted by black_k_kat on 2012.11.22 at 23:59
Hello! I'm a long-time DC fan, but new to this ship (WHY? IT MAKES LIFE SO MUCH BETTER). My name is Kat, and I have about twenty fic ideas bouncing around my skull. Some of them might even get written.

On that note, can anyone rec me BatFlash stories and/or rec lists? I've been looking, but it seems to be fairly slim pickings on Google. Any help finding more fics in this awesome corner of fandom would be appreciated!

Intro/Requests I guess

Posted by yamyams on 2012.09.30 at 00:23


I don't know if this is allowed if not please feel free to remove it!

I have been interested in Batflash since the first time I watched Justice League and that was a hell of a long time ago now, I just recently started to get back into it and I am a huge roleplayer, I adore it so if there are any other roleplayers out there I would really love it if we could get in contact.

I usually roleplay through Skype or email so if you would like to set something up then please don't hesitate to send me a message here. I think I can pull off Wally much better than Bruce because I'm not serious enough haha so that is who I would rather play ^_^

Oh yeah and I like Wally/Bruce, I know there's the big age gap yada yada, its sexy D:

Peace out~

gen love is

Interested in a BatFlash big bang?

Posted by somehowunbroken on 2012.05.24 at 13:19

| Dates | Guidelines |

dcu_bang will be opening for sign-ups on Wednesday, 30 May. Stories should be at least 10,000 words in length, and can be from any corner of the DC fandom - comics, movies, television, video games, anything! The only rule is that it must focus on a DC character. (If you have a Marvel-centric story in mind, check out our sister comm, marvel_bang.) Watch the community for more details!

Don't forget to check out our prompt post for ideas or to leave some bunnies of your own!


Posted by queen0fs0ng on 2012.05.07 at 12:54
Title: Dolls and Underwear
Rating: T
Summary: Bruce goes over to Wally's apartment expecting a hot date except he gets something completely different.
Fandom: JL and JLU DCAU
Warnings: Mild sexual themes
AN: This is just a little oneshot that I wrote becuase I like these characters and just... I don't know. enjoy. Established Bruce/Wally.

Click here to read on my journal.


BatFlash Fic Search

Posted by aibaxsho on 2012.03.17 at 20:09
I looking for a multi-chapter wip or it may have been abdandoned, written years ago. Anyway I think Flash (Wally) was lost in the speed force or something from the fist chapter. I remember it affects Batman the hardest. He realises he felt something for the Flash. With the Flashs' DNA he makes a clone. He may have the DNA of other members as well. I think the first couple clones died. Than one made it through just as Bruce was thinking of giving up. So than there is a kid version of Wally. I think Bruce nicknames the clone something different from the original so both can have seperate identaties. Not sure if the Wally clone starts out with some years in or as a baby. But he grows crazy fast. Most of the story takes place at the Wayne Manor. I also remember that Alfred was there and The Juctice League make guest appereaces.

newby help

Posted by kyttanamaxwell on 2012.03.05 at 19:10
Current Location: Florida, Orlando
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Hey everyone how are you. I have suddenly develop a taste for batflash slash and was wondering if anyone can recommend some great stories. Also if anyone has a document copy of Victoria Wayne 'the Wally verse' can u please email it to me@ lune8@ymail.com. Her links are not working Pleasse and thank you.

Fic - Awkward

Posted by queen0fs0ng on 2012.03.04 at 23:16
Title: Awkward
Genre: Romance, Humor, Friendship
Pairings/Characters: Batman/Flash, Wally/Bruce, Dick Grayson
Rating: T for mild sexual themes
Summary: It was already awkward... but Dick just had to go and make it worse...
AN: Hi! first fanfiction on this site. This was a fic in response to The Turn Coat on ff.net saying they wanted a fic where Dick walks in on something between Wally and Bruce... so this happened. Enjoy!

Link to my journal

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